My Birthday Wishes To Charles Dickens

February 8, 2013 Whitney Uncategorized 4 Comments

Happy Birthday Charles Dickens you would have been 201 today.  Despite your passing so many years ago your books have still endured.  I must admit that I am just beginning to become acquainted with you.  The only book I have read of yours is A Christmas Carol.  I first read it in 8th grade and just didn’t get it.  It was a classic with old language and was for school.  That last bit always puts a dirty taste in one’s mouth.  Ten years later I tried again; and realized what I had been missing.  I was disgusted by Scrooge’s behavior to everyone around him (including his dead partner) cried when Tiny Tim blessed us, everyone.  and began to feel pity for him when entering the graveyard.  That small novel invoked so many emotions that I got whiplash.

Unfortunately, I have bookishly sinned and watched several movies before opening the spine of its counterpart.  Great Expectations I was only half-way through when PBS showed it on tv and the next weekend it was The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  Fortunately, these viewings only inspired me to read their original works.  Sometimes tv can be educational.  
I can only imagine what lies in store for me on my journey through your life.  I have never been as elegant in words like yourself so I apologize if this appears short and sweet.  This shortness should not indicate the lack of appreciation I have towards you, only that I cannot put it into words.
Thank you Charles Dickens and many happy returns!

4 responses to “My Birthday Wishes To Charles Dickens

  1. I'm sure Dickens would appreciate your willing to try to read his books! 🙂

    From 5 of his books, Great Expectations has been my most favorite

  2. Lovely tribute to Dickens! And you're right, tv can be educational. In fact, I often say my introduction to Jane Austen was watching Ang Lee's adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. But really, I have vague memories of watching Wishbone play Darcy — complete with the Regency get up. How they got that terrier to 'dance' so obediently with Elizabeth is a wonder to me! Obviuosly, it planted some sort of seed, because when I was assigned to read a classic in middle school, I instantly decided on Pride and Prejudice. I guess I have Wishbone to thank for that? 🙂

  3. Lovely letter! I particularly love the "bookishly sinned" and "it was for school – that puts a dirty taste in one's mouth". Hee. I'm sure Dickens would have appreciated it.

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