Bleak House Movie Review

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Bleak House Movie ReviewBleak House

Charles Dickens' complex tale of young love, murder, and the quest for a mystery-man's identity unfolds in this adaptation by screenwriter Andrew Davies. Bleak House features some of the most famous plot twists in literary history, including a case of spontaneous human combustion and an inheritance dispute tied up for generations in the dysfunctional English courts.

I really enjoy Scully Gillian Anderson in Charles Dickens adaptations and like her performance in Great Expectations, she plays the creep Lady Deadlock wonderfully. She is mysterious and strange, quiet similar to her character in the X-Files, or perhaps I’m grasping at straws. Anna Maxwell Martin was so cute as Esther Summerson, her character was so sweet and agreeable and seemed very distressed when turning down proposals. Clearly, I loved the characters in Bleak House as another check for me was Burn Gorman, Esther persistent “suitor” Guppy, he was creepy in his own way, popping up when you least expected him.

With the detail of the character’s person struggles, sickness, birthrights and long-buried secrets I forgot all about the case that, at the story’s commencement was to be the heart of the novel when in fact, I found it to be the character’s back story.

While I have not read the book, I thought it was another excellent BBC production and would be very easy to follow for a Dickens newbie.


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