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I will be MIA this month.  My brother is getting married on the 17th.  My family is very, very excited about this but with all the happy hectics that comes with a wedding, I will be an absentee blogger.

Way back in June, I had a call out for guest bloggers, keeping the blog active and hoping to add a little spice and unique voices to She is too fond of books.  I really was not expecting anyone to respond and was tickled pink when these lovely bloggers answered my call.

I was also able to schedule a few reviews which are:
  • August 5, The Fairest of Them All by Carolyn Turgeon
  • August 8, Multiple Exposure: Sophie Medina #1 by Ellen Crosby
  • August 21, The Age of Ice by J.M. Sidorova
  • August 23, Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm
August 17 — My Brother is getting married!

Anyway, that’s what you can expect this month on She is too fond of books, I’ll be back in full swing by the end of August.



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  1. Ah, that's so sweet of you to say Angie! I have a couple posts set up for when I'm away though. I'm just hoping I can get a little bit of read in over the next few weeks, but I think that might be doubtful.

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