Love-a-Thon Mini-Challenge #1 Best Of…

February 23, 2013 Whitney Event 8 Comments

It’s the Book Blogger Love-a-Thon‘s first mini-challenge is a best of post Here’s how it will work: There are four categories – best reviewsbest book discussion postsbest blog design/layout and best random category (which you get to make up!).  My random category is best new to me blogs.  Anyway, this was tough and while I love all the blogs I read here are a choice few.

best reviews
A Literary Odyssey  — Allie makes me want to read the classics even more and has beautiful structure to her reviews.
Dust Jacket –Vaishnavi has a way with words that are beyond compare and has  friendly/lively posts
Tell Me a Story — Cat is to the point with her views, I think getting to the nitty gritty with no muss no fuss.  I love that about her style.

best blog design/layout
As the Crowe Flies (and Reads!) –This blog is so soothing, the color of her background is relaxing and easy to navigate
Debz Bookshelf — Debz just changed her blog layout and it is pretty in pink and also easy to navagate
Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog — I love Felicia’s headers, her layout is very smooth and she is also my read-a-thoner in crime.

best book discussion posts
Reading Rambo — She’s a bad ass and doesn’t hold back with her awesome posts
The Perpetual Pageturner — Jamie has a great blog to begin with and her discussion posts are always thought provoking and/or intriguing.
Musings of a Bookshop Girl — Ellie is witty and love the posts she writes about her used book store

best new to me blogs
Classics and Beyond — I like finding blogs with passion for the classics.  Emily has a great blogs whose posts write as if she were talking to you.
Fanda Classiclit — I discovered Fanda’s blog late last year after epically failing at her Gone with the Wind read-along.  She has a focus on the classics and has hosted other events such as Celebrating Dickens to commemorate them.  In short, I love reading her thoughts on the genre.  
Reading Against the Clock — Caro’s blog focuses on the classics.  She has started a project to read all the Bronte Sister’s novels and simply adore reading her posts on it.
The Daily Prophecy  — I’ve recently gotten into reading fairy tales or fairy tales retold and Mel’s blog is a great new spot for that genre

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8 responses to “Love-a-Thon Mini-Challenge #1 Best Of…

  1. Jamie has AMAZING discussions, doesn't she? She's such an authentic book blogger, and that really shows. Also, yay for you introducing me to even MORE blogs for me to go and visit! They sound amazing.

  2. Awww, thanks for the shout out! I do like to rant about the bookshop on the blog – it's a good outlet for all the frustration I have to hide behind a smile during the day! πŸ˜‰

    Off to check out some of the other blogs on your list, I love finding new people to stalk!

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