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I’m taking a bit of a hiatus while on vacation in Michigan.  Just me, a lake and a stack of books. 

About fifteen years ago my family rented a cabin in the woods for two weeks.  At the end of the first week my mom, brother and I drove home as school was starting and my dad was staying a week longer with a friend.  During our stay mom read Silence of the Lambs and left it there as a “must read”.  My father took the bait and read the book in a 24 hour time period.  Unfortunately, there was a 48 hour gap between us leaving and his friend arriving.  During those two nights dear old dad slept with his fillet knife under his pillow.

I have learned from my father’s mistakes and the scariest thing I will be reading about is Rebecca’s Mrs. Danvers.  


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  1. What a cute story about your Dad. Definitely not Rebecca.

    But how cool is that. I am there right now, up north, but leaving tomorrow. Have a great time. The weather has been great.

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