Harry Potter and Scarlet O’Hara

September 6, 2012 Whitney Uncategorized 3 Comments

Summer has always been a slow blogging time for me but as the summer months come to a close I am ready to jump back into the blogging world!  Here are two bookish events that will be filling the last months of the year for me.

I started, half-heartedly to reread Gone with the Wind earlier this year and despite being one of my favorite novels, I kept banging myself on the head with it each night, so to save myself from permanet brain damage set it aside for the time being.  At least, until I discovered, through The Classics Club, the Gone with the Wind Read-Along hosted by Fanda Classiclit.

Second, is another series of books I have been reading off and on all year is the Harry Potter Series, I have read this series every year since its conception  so when I found  the Harry Potter Read Along hosted by lost generation reader I jumped on board.



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  1. What an interesting title you have for this post, Harry Potter and Scarlett O'Hara… :). But I think you have chosen a perfect combination, the long and tedious GWTW with fast pace of Harry Potter. Happy reading then, I hope you will enjoy this read along. Don't forget to share your thoughts of every Part, we can't wait to read your thoughts on the re-reading.

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