Goodbye Feedburner Hello MailPoet

July 9, 2016 Whitney Blogging 0 Comments

One of the reasons why I moved from Blogger to WordPress was to escape Google. I wanted to own my content and felt that Google was slowly hacking away at services they had provided to us Blogspoters. Remember Google Connect anyone? Anyway, I moved and felt liberated, but one thing remained — Feedburner. I still used Feedburner despite the yearly rumors that it would be shut down too. I wasn’t happy with Jetpack or Mailchimp.  Feedburner was convenient and already set up.  I let the RSS burner literally sit on the back burner. That is until today.  I did a bit of researching and decided to give MailPoet a try. It was easy to set up a newsletter, tweak the widget and move over my subscribers.

This leads me to the main reason of my post which is directed to my email subscribers. I follow my blog on all forms of media (Bloglovin’ Twitter, Google+ and Email) in case there is a problem I have a better chance of being alerted. Therefore, I decided not to discontinue my RSS feed until I receive both a new and old Newsletter, and can ensure all is right as rain. This is not meant to be an inconvenience or hopefully perceived as spam, it is only for my piece of mind. I promise it will be a one-time occurrence.

Edit: After a little Googling I successful deactivated Feedburner therefore subscribers will no longer receive emails via Feedburner.

And if anyone is interested, below was my final product. Thank you!

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