Gone with the Wind Read-ALong Check In #4

March 31, 2010 Whitney read-along 2 Comments

Proposed Chapters for March 28:
Chapters 28-36
Where am I?
Chapter 35, Scarlett is walking back to Peachtree Street after visiting Rhett in prison and being unsuccessful at getting the money to pay the taxes on Tara.  While treading home runs across Sueellen’s beau, Frank Kennedy.
What do I think?
I love reading of Scarlett’s struggle after the war and her realization of her love for the land.   The Yankees have come calling to Tara twice, once as a deserter and another as team; both times Scarlett’s quick thinking saves them from further ruin at Tara.  These acts raise my admiration for her, until Ashley comes home from war and Scarlett’s passion has her throwing herself at Ashley’s feet again bringing on annoyance at Scarlett’s stupidity and blindness to the situation.
What in the world is the Ashley attraction? I think he’s completely lame.
I have always wondered this myself.  I think on both Ashley and Scarlett’s part it is a lust or admiration of the others character and something they will never be.  Ashley admiring her vivacity and strong will to take action under dire circumstances.  Scarlett has fooled herself into think that she is actually in love with Ashley Wilkes, looking up to his gentle personality, worldliness and knowledge from books that she will never understand, and his dashing good looks, which I just don’t see.    
Do you love Scarlett or find her repulsive? Do you think the world needs survivors like her and Rhett to do the dirty work while others depend on them but manage to keep their conscience?
I have a love/hate relationship with Scarlett.  I admire her strong character and work ethic but actual personality I find repulsive, while she still intends to put food on the table and take care of her own, it is still “what can I get out of it?”  I think in literature I would enjoy Scarlett, but if I were to see her on the street, I would probably think differently.
Yes, I think we do need   survivors like Rhett and Scarlett to do otherwise unwanted deeds, those who live in the moment and “think about it tomorrow” .  Although, I think persons like Melanie and Ashley Wilkes are heros  in their own right as well; such as Melanie retrieving Charles’s sword after hearing Scarlett shoot the Yankee, even though she was very ill she still found the strength  to carry the weapon with the incentive of protecting those in the household.  Some people’s actions are just more calculated.


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  1. I have always thought Scarlett was a bit like a horse with those eye patches….she doesn't see anything except what is right ahead of her….the way she perceives Rhett and Ashley is fascinating. Except Ashley all the other main surprised me regularly but Ashley remained a wimp through out 🙂

  2. Interesting comparison of Scarlett to a horse, never thought of it before. I agree, all the other main characters develop/grow throughout the book, but Ashley remains as wimpy as ever. I don't think he ever adjusted to life outside the plantation.

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