Gone with the Wind Read-along Check In #1

March 7, 2010 Whitney read-along 0 Comments

Proposed chapters  for March 7:
Chapters 1-9
Where am I?
Chapter five, Scarlett has just arrived at the barbecue and has seen Rhett Butler learning of his reputation from Kathleen.  
What do I think?
Love it!  I always remember being a bit bored during the first 50 pages while Mitchell goes into Mr and Mrs O’Hara’s heritage but not so much this time and I’m not really sure why.  Gerald’s story is alright and enjoyed learning about the creation of Tara, but still could have done with a little less.  As for Ellen’s I was very intrigued, maybe because in a small way her love life prior to marrying Gerald O’Hara parallels that of Scarlett’s a love that was never meant to be, with both Charles Hamilton and Gerald O’Hara astounded and blind to the reason behind their good fortune.  And do I really have to go into the barbecue at Twelve Oaks?  I adore Scarlett as the belle of the ball with every beau at her beckon call,  except for her true interest, Ashley Wilkes.  Also, that these few chapters give a small look into the old south at peace before the time of war, showing what the southerners are fighting for.

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