Gone with the Wind Read-along Check In #2

March 12, 2010 Whitney read-along 0 Comments

Proposed Chapters for March 14
Chapters 10-18
Where am I?
Chapter 17, Scarlett has just learned the Melanie is pregnant with Ashley’s baby and is full of resentment for it not being hers.  
What do I think?
Well, Scarlett knows what she wants and is willing to go to any lengths to get.  I’ve always appreciated her love hate relationship with Melanie.  Being the goody-too-shoes who would do anything for the cause with the man Scarlett desires.   The story really starts to pick up in the second section because we are now passed the point of introduction, and the war is in full force with it’s hardships and setbacks becoming known.  My favorite scene in this part of the book is Mrs. Scarlett Hamilton coming out of mourning to dance the reel with Captain Butler, but of course is strictly for the cause.   I love that while this action was extremely scandalous, showed how deceptive she could be and so easily falling back into her self absorbed southern belle of the ball that she had been in what seemed like ages ago.

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