Gone with the Wind Read-along Check In #5

April 7, 2010 Whitney read-along 3 Comments

The Gone with the Wind Read-along is host by My Friend Amy 

Proposed Chapters  for April 4
Chapters 37-45

Where am I?
Chapter 37, Scarlett has just married Frank Kennedy, in order to pay the taxes on Tara.

I will be playing major catch-up this week.  Other than Scarlett’s attempt to win Rhett over with a green velvet dress from Ellen’s curtains I find this section to be a little difficult to get through.  As much as I dislike Scarlett for stealing her sister Suellen’s beau, I have difficulty liking or feeling sympathy for Frank who couldn’t see past Scarlett’s Southern Belle acting.  {although the same could be said about Charles} I guess I have always felt that this part was filler between the burning of Atlanta and Scarlett’s marriage to Rhett.


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  1. I always pitied Frank a little bit….pity that I never felt for Ashley. Although Frank was a little vexing he was never the stagnant person that Ashley was

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