Giving Up

August 11, 2010 Whitney books 12 Comments

I’m sorry Miss Du Maurier but I am giving up on you, or your novel My Cousin Rachel that is.  Please do not take offense because I loved Rebecca, but I’m only thirty some pages into “Rachel” and have been starring at the same sentence for several days.  I apologize, as it does sound like an interesting plot with what could be well developed characters.  Despite these lukewarm compliments, I’m afraid I will have to read My Cousin Rachel another day.


12 responses to “Giving Up

  1. I hope you will pick it up again. I loved it. I think I've read everything by DuMaurier except Frenchmans Creek. I see you're reading Woman In White. Another favorite, but I'll be interested to hear what you think.

  2. Lady Q– Rebecca is the only thing I've read by Du Maurier too, at least for the time being.

    BookQuoter– I wish I could have written a review on My Cousin Rachel too. I'm blaming it on my mood.

    Grad– Even though I couldn't make it through this novel, I really like Daphne Du Maurier's writing style.

  3. I hope you do decide to pick it up again! It does move incredibly slowly, and at first I was put off as well. But when I got to the end, I realized why the pace needed to be so slow, and it made the impact of the book even more effective. I can definitely see why you want to put it aside for now, though!

  4. I have done that before with one of my favorite authors. She has one series that I just cannot get into–I think the book is now permanently on page 12(since 2 years) and not going further LOL. I have tried a few times since then but no can do.

  5. I understand your sentiments. My feelings about MCR were lukewarm at best. However, I read it in 2007 immediately after finishing Rebecca so I've been meaning to reread it because I think perhaps my expectations were just too high.

  6. Christina-Reads– I think the slow pace was my down fall, but I hope to pick it up again one day.

    Felicia– I have lost many a bookmarks due to glazing eyes. I just hope it's not contagious.

    everybookandcranny–I read Rachel pretty soon after finishing Rebecca as well, which captured me from the first sentence. That factor may have to come into play of this decision.

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