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November 11, 2016 Whitney Meme 2 Comments

Giving Thanks was a fun book tag I found at A Book Lover’s Playlist that seemed perfect for this kind of year.

1. Name a book that made you thankful you live in your world and not the book’s world.
The Hunger Games — I wouldn’t last a minute in “The Games”.

2. Give thanks to a book that changed your perspective.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. The lack of choice the women have in the novel makes me feel incredibly lucky to have rights and the ability to be more than an object.

3. What character would you be thankful for if they were your significant other?

Mr. Darcy or Ross Poldark. I guess I like the dark and brooding type.

4. What character would you say “thanks, but no thanks”?

Heathcliff — sure he’s dark and brooding but he is also kind of an ass.

5. Name a book that made you laugh out loud, just like your drunk Uncle Earl at Thanksgiving.

Anything by David Sedaris.

6. Name a book that made you incredibly angry….just like your drunk Uncle Earl at Thanksgiving.
The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann, I was incredibly frustrated by the author’s decision-making and wanted to throw the book against the wall.

7. Finally, name one thing you are thankful for about BookTube/Book Bloggers

The book blogging community is awesome. Having fellow bookworms to gush with makes blogging worthwhile.


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  1. This does sound like fun! I would agree with you on The Hunger Games…or anything dystopian for that matter.

    My answers would be the following:

    3. I would say Henry Tilney for his gentleness, his humour and his sense of the ridiculous.

    5. Jerome K. Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat”

    6. “Wuthering Heights” annoys me to no end!

    7. I’ve read so much and way out of my comfort; I’ve also found a love of non-fiction because of book bloggers.

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