Friday Memes #53

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Rome, September, A.D. 81

I opened my wrist with one firm stroke of the knife, watching with interest as the blood leaped out of the vein. My wrists were latticed with knife scars, but I still found the sight of my blood fascinating.

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Page 56


His name was sweet in her mouth. She leaned over his shoulder, her work-hardened hand gentle as she readjusted his grip. He felt her breath whispering on the back of his neck, the plaited ends of her hair caressing his bare arm.


My Thoughts

I’m not sure what to think but I’m definitely intrigued. I’m just starting Mistress of Rome which is my first novel by Kate Quinn and I’m looking forward to reading more.

Friday Memes #53Mistress of Rome
Author Kate Quinn
Series: The Empress of Rome, #1

Passion. Treachery. Murder... A heart-stopping epic about a Jewish slave girl and Rome's greatest gladiator, who become involved in a plot to assassinate an emperor
Orphaned by Rome's savage legions, Thea, a slave girl from Judaea, has learned what it takes to survive. She knows only violence until a chance meeting with gladiator Arius offers a shred of tenderness. But their bond is severed when Thea is sold again, condemned to rot in squalor. Years later, a singer known as Athena betrays no hint of her troubled past. Catching the eye of the Emperor himself, she is swept into a world of decadence and depravity. But although Domitian fears betrayal from every side, he is unaware that the greatest threat lies next to him - a slave girl who has come to be called the Mistress of Rome...

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16 responses to “Friday Memes #53

    • Kate Quinn has been on my must-read pile for a while too. I typically read historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt so this is a bit of a departure for me, but I am looking forward to a change in scenery

  1. Mistress of Rome certainly has the potential to be epic and I have to agree, the time frame makes the story interesting as well. Thank you for stopping by.

    • I’m about 60 pages in so far and it is great, the cover is what first drew me to Mistress of Rome and I’m happy that the story is backing it up.

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