Friday Memes #52

December 1, 2016 Whitney Friday Memes 12 Comments


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Weekly Prompt:

Q:  What is your favorite book with a winter world?

A: I loved The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the never-ending season of winter.  True, this added a little eerie stillness to the novel but I think it also enhanced to the fantasy aspect of Narnia.  I loved the idea that simply walking through a wardrobe can transport you to different worlds and Lucy’s perspective made everything even more magical.

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12 responses to “Friday Memes #52

    • Yes, I’ve always thought including Father Christmas was ingenious on Lewis’ part. It also creates a sense of hope which is wonderful too.

  1. I am a horrible person and have never read this book but I have watched the movie! I definitely need to fix that!

    Great pick this week!

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