Friday Memes #49

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I am so excited to say that I am this week’s feature!

Weekly Prompt:

Show us your TBR pile(s)!


I actually just started a meme, To Be Read Thursday to help get my tbr under control. The meme is only in its third week but have been able to knock two books off my to-read shelf. I still have a long way to go to even make a dent but I’ve shared a sampling below:


  • Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory
  • The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel
  • The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman
  • Couple Mechanics by Nelly Alard
  • Broken Sleep by Bruce Bauman

My Goodreads To-Read Shelf

book beginnings
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Friday, September 26, 2003

I am outside. Not far from the front door, not yet, but I am out and I am alone.


Friday 56
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Page 56


David agreed with his mother out of habit, and I didn’t challenge her because I knew she was afraid on Felix’s behalf. You can’t argue with fear.


My Thoughts

I always gravitate towards scarier books this time of year. Little Face appears to fit the bill based on these two snippets and look forward to diving in.

Friday Memes #49Little Face
Author Sophie Hannah
Series: Spilling CID,
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date August 24th 2006

It's every mother's nightmare ...

The first time Alice Fancourt goes out after their daughter is born, she leaves the two-week-old infant with her husband, David. When she returns only two hours later, she swears the baby in the crib is not her child. Despite her distress, David is adamant that she is wrong.

The police are called to the scene. Detective Constable Simon Waterhouse is sympathetic, but he doubts Alice's story. His superior, Sergeant Charlie Zailer, thinks that Alice must be suffering from some sort of delusion brought on by postpartum depressions.

With an increasingly hostile and menacing David swearing she must either be mad or lying, how can Alice make the police believe her before it's too late?




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16 responses to “Friday Memes #49

  1. My favorite genres are horror and thriller/mystery. I’ve joined a few challenges that will allow me to read my favorites because it is the best time of year–Fall!! Happy reading and saying ‘hello’ from feature & follow!!

  2. I like the idea of having a meme to push you to read your TBR pile. I’ve been trying to take a hiatus from review books to read my own books but that doesn’t stop me from accumulating more books from book sales and what not. >.< Just today I went to the library and saw they were having their annual book sale… I walked out with 6 new books. LoL

  3. I love a good horror,mystery,thriller book and I actually haven’t seen this one yet and it sounds so good. Will be going on my list for sure. Hope you enjoy it have a great weekend.

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