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Weekly Prompt:

Have you ever disliked or felt “meh” about a book only to later change your mind and love it?


This happened very recently with The Secret Language of Stones by M.J. Rose. At first I was a little perturbed with the supernatural relationship that happens between the main character and a fallen soldier of war. Although, the next day I found a greater appreciation for it. Looking past “the love” part of it and took in the character of the distraught mother and the horrible weight she carried with her daily. I felt it added a new depth to the story and in hindsight loved it.

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After years of running Sedona’s Sugarloaf Cafe, Bob Larson was enjoying the fruits of his labors and one of the most enjoyable benefits of retirement — the opportunity to sit at the kitchen counter, linger over a second cup of coffee, and watch the morning news.

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A single uniformed officer was on the scene when Dave arrived. “Looks like they were shot to shit, sir,” the young deputy said.


My Thoughts

The prologue makes Clawback sound like a cozy mystery, and with the exception of Flavia de Luce, it is a genre I hardly ever read. Fortunately, for my gritty taste in mysteries, the snippet from 56% appears to head in that direction and like in past Ali Reynolds books, J.A. Jance has never steered me wrong.

Friday Memes #48Clawback (Ali Reynolds, #11)
Author J.A. Jance
Publication Date January 1st 1970

In New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance’s latest thriller, Ali Reynolds faces her most controversial mystery yet, solving the murder of a man whose Ponzi scheme bankrupted hundreds of people, and left them seeking justice…or revenge.
When Ali’s parents lose their life savings to a Ponzi scheme, her father goes to confront his long-time friend and financial advisor, only to stumble into the scene of a bloody double homicide. With her father suddenly a prime suspect, Ali and her husband work to clear her father’s name, while at the same time seeking justice for her parents as well as the scheme’s other suddenly impoverished victims, one of whom is a stone cold killer.

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17 responses to “Friday Memes #48

    • A Little Life sounds really interesting, I really like books that are set over decades. I always think you get a better look at the characters rather than a plot that is set over several weeks.

    • I think the beginning is a bit misleading, as J.A. Jance’s books are miles away from that genre. I’ve read several of the books in the Ali Reynolds series and they have all been great thrillers and very well paced. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into Clawback.

    • I’ve just started Clawback so can’t say too much but the author is great at plot development and pacing. Ali Reynolds is a great thriller series.

  1. Definitely know that meh, feeling. It’s always a nice surprise when your reading something that sometimes you make yourself finish only to find that it stays on your mind for days and you end up loving it!

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