Friday Memes #38

January 24, 2014 Whitney Friday Memes 11 Comments

Hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can Read 
Q: What books are you looking forward to reading in 2014?
In particular order:
  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  2. Longbourn by Jo Baker
  3. The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh
  4. Cress by Marissa Meyer
  5. Wake by Anna Hope
  6. Faithful Place by Tana French
  7. Broken Harbor by Tana French
  8. The Shining by Stephen King
  9. Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen
  10. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

Plus too many to name…



11 responses to “Friday Memes #38

  1. I haven't heard most of your books except Cress and the Cuckoo's Calling. What would you recommend most from the above books mentioned beside Cress and The Cuckoo's Calling?

    I'm a new follower via GFC. Here's my #FF

    • Like I (and Angie) said above, The Goldfinch has gotten a lot of buzz and may be worth hecking out.

      If you like mysteries Faithful Place and Broken Harbor are part of a great detective series that I would recommend, and its two predecessors kept me reading late into the night.

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