Friday Memes #22

July 15, 2011 Whitney Friday Memes 10 Comments

Crazy for Books hosts a weekly meme Book Blogger Hop  creating a chance to catch up on older and favorite blogs that you may be neglecting and discovering new ones in the process.

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This Weeks Question:
How/Where do you get your books?  Do you buy them or go to the library?  Is there a certain website you use like paperbackswap?

I buy and check-out books.  I don’t drive so a trip to Barnes and Noble is a really treat.  Because of the no driving thing I frequently use Amazon and have it bookmarked for easy access. I do use my local library and find it very convenient as it is within walking distance (I can see it from my house like Sarah Palin can see Russia) and I also like being able to order books from different communities libraries.  Unfortunately, this fall the library is moving all the way across town.  I have walked to what will be its new location and is thirty minutes each way.  Needless to say I am not a happy camper having partitioned to keep it where it currently resides to no avail.  The board is stubborn and unwilling to listen to half the communities objection.  Putting aside my rant, I’m not sure how frequently I will use it after “moving day”  but I’m utilizing it to its full potential at present.



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