Friday Memes #13

July 9, 2010 Whitney Friday Memes 13 Comments

It’s Friday! Time for another Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books The Hop is designed to discover great book bloggers and be discovered yourself. Not only can we discover new blogs but great books to add to the ever growing wish-list. So hop on over and join the fun!

We are getting to know our Book Blog Hoppers!
This week’s question: Tell us about some of your favorite authors and why they are your favorites.

  1. Jane Austen:  Her novels are so witty and classic, unable to fall out of fashion like yesterday’s jeans.  She has created some of the most memorable characters in literature not to mention swoonworthy.  Jane Austen’s book are something I love to devour like the richest chocolate cake.
  2. David Sedaris:  He is hilarious and is one of the few authors that can make me laugh out loud.  He wrote one story about buying a human skeleton that had my own bones shaking with laughter.
  3. Charlotte Bronte: She is by far the most sophisticated Bronte sister;  and who doesn’t enjoy a crazy woman in the attic?




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  1. I love Jane Austen, and I have eard that charlotte bronte is a good author to! I just wanted ask you if you wanted to enter my follower-fest. I want to get 35 followers by the end of July, when my makeover will be finished. If I get 35 followers by then, I will have a blog party. If I get more than 35 followers by the end of July, I will host a giveaway.

    God bless,

  2. I have loved the classics, the epic sadness, the gothic of older novels…Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights…I can still remember reading this as a teenager while all my friends thought I was off my rocker! 🙂 Thanks for making the world feel a little smaller with like-minded friends!

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