Follow Friday: Book Titles and Furry Friends

March 6, 2015 Whitney Friday Memes 0 Comments

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Q: Do you think a book’s title is important?
A: To some extent yes, an eye catching title or cover will grab my attention but if the blurb doesn’t match than it is a no go for me.
Q: Do you have any furry friends?  Share a picture!
My two furry friends go by the name Winkie and Zorro, Winkie is named after the guards from the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle, and Zorro after the masked avenger, although is scared of his own shadow.  They are both curious indoor cats that we got from the Humane Society.
Winkie and Zorro with a squirrel eating out of the intended bird feeder.
One night a raccoon waddled onto our deck to eat some loose corn and Winkie went crazy.  The next night we awoke to said raccoon sleeping outside our door.  Some watch cat!

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