Femme Fatale Fridays: Jean Muir

October 7, 2010 Whitney Femme Fatale 4 Comments

“A femme fatale, translating to “Deadly Woman” in french, is an alluring, seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire.  Often this leads them into compromising, dangerous   and deadly situations.” ~ Wikipeda

Innocent “19” year old Jean Muir is hired as a governess by the wealthy Coventry family.  She quickly enchants all members of the family especially the gentlemen with her objective being to be more than a governess.   The following letter best describe the conniving ways of this femme fatale.

“My Dear Creature:
“All goes well. Next day I began my task, and having caught a hint of the character of each, tried my power over them. Early in the morning I ran over to see the Hall. Approved of it highly and took the first step toward becoming its mistress, by piquing the curiosity and flattering the pride of its master. His estate is his idol; I praised it with a few artless compliments to himself, and he was charmed. The cadet of the family adores horses. I risked my neck to pet his beast, and he was charmed. The little girl is romantic about flowers; I made a posy and was sentimental, and she was charmed. The fair icicle loves her departed mamma, I had raptures over an old picture, and she thawed. Monsieur is used to being worshipped. I took no notice of hint, and by the natural perversity of human nature, he began to take notice of me. He likes music; I sang, and stopped when he’d listened long enough to want more. He is lazily fond of being amused; I showed him my skill, but refused to exert it in his behalf. In short, I gave him no peace till he began to wake up. In order to get rid of the boy, I fascinated him, and he was sent away. Poor lad, I rather liked him, and if the title had been nearer would have married him.”


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  1. L.M.A is becoming something of a revelation so many years after I first read Little Women. I read A Long Fatal Love Chase and I loved it! Thanks for the review 🙂

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