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November 29, 2012 Whitney Uncategorized 4 Comments

Re-review, is that even a word?  Well it will be for the next few sentences.  By this I mean do you review a book a second time on your blog?  I reread Harry Potter every year but is it necessary to review it again and again and again.  I recently looked back on some of these posts and realized they are very similar to the first review written.  Is it that I have nothing new to say or that feelings have not changed?  I am starting to think that posting it on Goodreads as “read” is acceptable, no extra work on my part, let’s call it a day.  Good night and Good luck!  Do you review books a second time?  what are your thoughts?


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  1. I've made re-reading a priority this year, so I've run into this issue. I decided to review books on my blog that I re-read if I hadn't reviewed them on the blog before (I first read them before I was blogging). For books I'd already reviewed I simple updated the number of times I've read it in my review on Goodreads. Occasionally I'll add an update to my original review on the blog with a few additional thoughts.

  2. I dont re-review. If its been reviewed once on my blog it doesn't get another review. Most of my reading this year has been re-reading because of having had a baby – the result is that there have been almost no reviews at all. I suppose in theory if I re-read something and had something new to say I might… but it hasn't happened yet.

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