Review: The Clue In The Old Album

December 16, 2010 Whitney Review 0 Comments

Review: The Clue In The Old AlbumThe Clue in the Old Album
Author Carolyn Keene
Series: Nancy Drew Mystery #24
Publisher Grosset and Dunlap
Publication Date January 1, 1947

Nancy Drew witnesses a purse snatching and runs after the thief. She rescues the purse, but not its contents, then is asked by the owner, a doll collector, to do some detective work. Fans will enjoy Nancy's clever ways of finding all she seeks, and bringing happiness to a misunderstood child and her lonely grandmother.

After reading this story I’ve come to the conclusion the Nancy was that generation’s Bella Swan. First, they are both from a single parent household,with the father being the primary parent. They are very trendy in their dress, Nancy in her smart dress suits and Bella in whatever fashionable outfit Alice puts on her. Ned Nickerson and Edward Cullen are both super cute and willing to jump out on a limb for their girl. Who wouldn’t want Ned Nickerson by your side? Especially as a lifeguard. Lastly, Nancy and Bella always find a way to get into trouble and mystery. In Nancy’s latest adventure she was kidnapped by the gypsies and on the verge of being taken away from River Heights for good. Bella on the other hand ran to the vampires, falling into their trap and almost taking her life. Putting aside these few similarities, I still prefer good old Nancy Drew.


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