Classics Retold in September

April 19, 2013 Whitney Event 1 Comment

Classics Retold  is a project hosted by Alison @ The Cheap ReaderAlyssa @ Books Take You Places,Brittany @ Book Addicts GuideCharlene @ Bookish Whimsy and Wendy @ Excellent Library


  • September 2013 will be our month to post everything.
  • Each blogger will choose a classic they’d like to read.
  • They read their classic and read or watch as many retellings, spin-offs, sequels or adaptions of their classic as they can. They will post reviews or their thoughts on each one during September.
  • 1-4 bloggers can work on a “main” text. They can work independently or work together. You’re allowed to all read/watch the same things or split the work up.
  • To participate in this project, you only sign up for one classic (and its adaptions).
    • Optional: You’re allowed to work on other classics/adaptions if you’d like. Find the bloggers covering the book you’re interested in and ask to do a guest post!
    • Optional: Do other posts about your classic: character analysis, where else to find the characters, the book’s influence on culture, memes, etc. It can be literally anything involving your classic.
    • Optional: Do a sign up post after I clear your classic. It will help spread the word about the project and you’re able to bounce your ideas off of your readers. They may even give you ideas of books/movies to use for your classic!
  • For a classic to be use able for this project, it should have at least 2 adaptions, spin-offs, sequels, or retellings.
  • Sign-ups for the project ends May 25th.

I have signed up to read Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  Plus, I got a boxed Elizabeth Gaskell film collection for my birthday and Wives and Daughters is among them.



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