Classics Club August Meme

September 1, 2012 Whitney Meme 4 Comments

It is the last day of August and I am finally getting around to The Classic Club‘s first meme.

What is your favorite classic and why?

I didn’t even have to think about this question, my two favorites are Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (and yes I realize that is two).

Gone with the WindPride and Prejudice (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

Both have strong female characters that one can look up to, Scarlet and Elizabeth are strong willed, out spoken and stand for what they believe in.  Margaret Mitchell was quoted once that she wanted to write about people with gumption and people who didn’t (I couldn’t find the direct quote) Rhett and Scarlet certainly had it coming out of the war prepared to face the worst, next to Ashley and Melanie who wander around appearing to be lost.  Elizabeth and Darcey hold the same gumption and while Bingley and Jane can fill the role of Ashley and Melanie they are slightly less naive.

The story lines while filled with action (P&P being less pronounced) both are first and for most a romance, a romance of land, faith, conceit and of course love.  Even though I pass up Fifty Shades of Grey, these two novels provoke an ardent admiration and love.


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