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January 25, 2012 Whitney Event 4 Comments

I was so overwhelmed by the positive feedback for this event it really got the wheels turning; I’ve decided to host the first classic author month in March, giving me a month for set up.  Also, as this will be my first attempt at this event I’m going to begin with an author I love, Jane Austen.  I have been thinking that the topic could be a little broad as there are so many angles one could cover

So far, I’ve thought topics could included:

  1. posts on family
  2. life/death
  3. what inspired the author or other writers who were inspired by them
  4. what said author’s peers thought of them at the time
  5. movie or book reviews
  6. first impressions/memories of having first discovering the author
  7. I am also hosting a Pride and Prejudice Read-Along to coincide with this event

I am still interested in hosting guest posts I’m totally open on what topic said blogger would like to write about as long as it is relative and unoffensive.  If anyone is interested please feel free to drop me an email.

My email can be found on my profile


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  1. Hi, Witney. I'm continuing on my post-Comment Challenge journey and arrived at your door this morning. Your event sounds like a lot of fun, although I don't typically read in this genre—I'm a children's rhymer. I must say your blog has a lot of appeal: great layout and content. And I'm impressed by the number of your followers. Keep doing what your doing.

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