Christmas Reading & Airplane Adventures

January 2, 2013 Whitney Uncategorized 2 Comments

I returned from Christmas vacation late last night after spending ten days in Florida.  The vacation was great, getting there was a different story…

My parents, Grandfather, his girlfriend and I all flew out together, getting up at 4:30 a.m. for a 6am flight.  Everything went smoothly, going through security and a prompt boarding time.  We sit in our assigned seats, and we sit, and we sit and we sit; finally the pilot came on saying there was a malfunction   which was being fixed.  So we sit some more, for an hour more with no new information, then being instructed to exit the plane for our connivance.  It is now eight o’clock, we have missed our Atlanta connection; and while the plane was fixed the crew had timed out and therefore we sat around for another three hours waiting for a new crew.

And then my grandfather spilled coffee all down his front… and then asked for a refill…

For those who don’t know my grandfather, this could be cause for concern, but no first degree burns.  My grandfather is a character, a few years ago he packed an opened container of mustard, mayonnaise and crackers, and despite warnings of it exploding open proclaimed that if we went down in the Everglades he would be our best friend.  My family calls that a “Carlism”.

Anyway, we have three hours to kill and my grandfather refuses to go home and change his shirt, claiming he didn’t want to go through security again.  Thus, the terminal had a faint wafting of Starbucks Coffee.

So, 36 hours later including an over-night stay in Atlanta we made it and had a nice Christmas in the sun.

As for my Christmas reading:

  1. The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Melanie Benjamin
  2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  3. The Greatest Gift by Philip Van Doren Stern


2 responses to “Christmas Reading & Airplane Adventures

  1. Hilarious story! Your grandfather sounds like a riot.

    I hate flying and I know I will hate it even more now with all the BS you have to go through. I know it's necessary, but I don't need another level of anxiety added to the experience. Of course, I will fly if I have to. I mean how else will I ever see Europe? LOL!

    Happy New Year, Whitney!

  2. Yep, he's a hoot! We've got binders full of those stories like Romney has binders full of women…

    Flying is the worst, but there are always exceptions (like Eroupe) its more convenient for the fastpaced society we live in.

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