A Christmas Carol Read-a-Long: Stave Four

December 18, 2010 Whitney read-along 0 Comments

The last of the spirits, The Spirit of Christmas Future.  Here, the ghost shows Ebenezer what will become of him if he does not change his ways.  Ebenezer is show his death bed and grave, with his house stripped of valuables with no one to mourn his passing.
I think this is my favorite Stave because this spirit is basically slapping Scrooge across the face saying “wake-up, this is your dismal fate  do something about it.”  In other words he is really the only spirit who gives him the opportunity to mend his ways, the other two were just living in the past.  Human character really shines through here, in a way showing that Scrooge is not the only heartless person in England.  With the poor ransacking his home because what does he need it for?  While that may be true it’s rather tactless behavior, that no one really deserves.  This left me wondering, who does have Christmas spirit?  We are left with Scrooge comleting his round trip airfare to await Christmas morning.  

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