Celebrating Dickens In February

December 13, 2012 Whitney Uncategorized 1 Comment

“On the occasion of Charles Dickens’ 201st anniversary on February 7th, 2013, Fanda Classiclit will be dedicating the whole month for Celebrating Dickens!
An event where we will show our loves and admiration to Dickens by reading his works (books, short stories, poems, plays etc.), reading books about Dickenswatching his movies adaptationssharing our thoughts about Dickensanalyzing his famous book’s characters, or sharing how Dickens has been affecting our lives. In short, during February we could post anything, as many as possible, all about Dickens. We will be celebrating Dickens the whole month!”
Okay, so I failed miserably at Fanda’s Gone with the Wind readalong but that book is sooo long, I should really learn not to participate in readalongs for this novel as I’ve done it before and always fail, I just don’t do well on schdules for this book.
 Even so, I’ve decided to join her Month of Dickens Celebration, during the month of February I plan on reading Great Expectations and Oliver Twist both unread on my Kindle.  Yea Dickens!

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  1. Ooooh, I'm definitely signing up for this one! I've got a whole bunch of Dickens novels and yet I've still only read two! I've missed a bunch of adaptations too, because I prefer to read the book first, so I've got plenty to be going at come February! 🙂

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