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June 1, 2013 Whitney Guest Post 1 Comment

My brother will be getting married in August.  The beginning of said month will be crazy, thinking about bouquets rather than books.  Thus I plan on being absent from my blog.  What is a blogger to do?  I thought, and thought and came up with an answer, guest posters!  I would love it if any fellow book bloggers could or would share their insights on She is too fond of books.  I’m not going to box any potential guests in, it could be about an amazing book they just read, reviewing style, blog tips, how they starting blogging or reading, these are just a few examples.  This post might seem a bit premature but I personally like having sufficient time to reflect on my writing rather than a last minute high school paper.  Anyway, if anyone is interested just drop me a line.  (if that doesn’t work try the envolpe icon on my sidebar)
Thank you!


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