Book Review: An Untitled Lady

January 15, 2014 Whitney Review 2 Comments

I received this book for free from Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: An Untitled LadyAn Untitled Lady by Nicky Penttila
Published by Musa Publishing on December 20, 2013
Genres: Historical Fiction
Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tour

*Not a traditional Regency* Shocking family news forces Madeline Wetherby to abandon her plans to marry an earl and settle for upstart Manchester merchant Nash Quinn. When she discovers that her birth father is one of the weavers her husband is putting out of work—and a radical leader—Maddie must decide which family she truly desires, the man of her heart or the people of her blood.

An earl's second son, Nash chose a life of Trade over Society. When protest marches spread across Lancashire, the pressure on him grows. If he can't make both workers and manufacturers see reason he stands to lose everything: his business, his town, and his marriage.

As Manchester simmers under the summer sun, the choices grow more stark for Maddie and Nash:
Family or justice.
Love or money.
Life or death.

“Nash first saw her as an apparition, a gilt London trinket set down by mistake at a dusty crossroads three miles north of town.”

I’m not a romance kind of girl.  It’s mushy gushy and not my style.  But I do like the regency era so thought I’d give An Untitled Lady a try.  It was so much more than that.  While the quote above had me questioning I soon realized this was not a book to be associated with Fabio.  I was reminded of North & South or Elizabeth Gaskell’s writing in general.  An Untitled Lady was a fantastic read.

Nicky Penttila writing is so descriptive that I felt like I was there and could feel the buttons, fabric and all things that belong in a mill.

What I feel is at the heart of this novel is a marriage out of convince that slowly kindles to love.  I could go on to describe the reasons why but I fear it would be most of the book.  I will simple say this gradual affection for one another is a treat to see.

An Untitled Lady was a pleasure to read and knocked me out of my addiction to Candy Crush — and that’s saying a lot.

About the Author
Nicky Penttila writes stories with adventure and love, and often with ideas and history as well. She enjoys coming up with stories that are set in faraway cities and countries, because then she *must* travel there, you know, for research. She lives in Maryland with her reading-mad husband and amazing rescue cat.
She’s chattiest on Twitter, @NickyPenttila, and can also be found at and on Facebook.



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2 responses to “Book Review: An Untitled Lady

  1. I'm not a big historical reader fan so not sure this one would be for me but I do have a couple family members who I think would really like this one! Haha I've never hopped onto the Candy Crush train bc I know I'd spend all my time on it and become way behind on life! 😀

    • It is a fun read for historical fiction fans, I hope your family members enjoy it!

      My brother recently turned me on to Candy Crush, he's a very bad influence because I'm a little addicted now.

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