Book Club: Second Meeting

September 10, 2010 Whitney books 6 Comments

In my last post I brought up choosing books for future meetings by assigning “homework” to it’s members and coming up with a few titles themselves.  Well, we didn’t do that, this isn’t because the meeting didn’t go well, because we did get three new members but the last three from the previous month where no-shows, whether this is because they got busy/didn’t finish/or lost interest so we are giving it a third (which is usually a charm) chance to make that call and get a better idea who will participate on a regular bases.

That being said I think it went really well; we read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris and five out of six loved it.  Two hadn’t read a book from start to finish in years both being because of children/grandchildren and not having the time.  I actually, felt really good that in however small a part motivated someone to read.

Everyone who enjoyed the book (including myself) appreciated Sedaris’ shocking sense of humor and where laughing out loud.  The one person who disliked the book was a more elderly woman who just didn’t get his writings, drug references and the F word just weren’t her thing.  I totally got that, my grandparents, while a little older where from that same generation/mindset and wouldn’t dream of farting outside the bathroom let alone talk about unclogging a toilet.  Nevertheless, I admired her for showing up because it would have been very easy to say oh fuck it.  

In general, I think it is going well and am succeeding in meeting like-minded people.  We’ll see how the next meeting goes but the optimist in me is looking up.

October’s Book:  Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt 


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  1. My book group read this one a couple of years ago…we met in a small taco shop and we were laughing so hard that we drowned out all other conversation. Everyone looked relieved when we left.

  2. LindyLouMac– I think it's difficult anywhere trying to form or join a book club that best suits you. That's part of the reason why I started my own.

    JoAnn– I was crying I was laughing so hard when I saw him speak in person. There's just something about that high pitched voice…

    Priya Parmar– I know it is a 360. We were trying to cover different genres to show we're diverse in our reading selections. Plus, Angela's Ashes is a favorite of mine.

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