Book Club: The End

June 1, 2012 Whitney books 5 Comments

Tonight was my book club meeting for William March’s The Bad Seed.  Instead of being held at the local coffee shop my mom and I decided to host it at our house with a viewing of the 1956 movie.  The meeting was to begin at 7pm it is now 8pm and the doorbell has yet to ring once, despite several yes rsvps.  After two years this reception brought us to the decision to  end book club.  We have far too few members attending each month and is not doing any favors to the establishment, which stays open late for the event.

As I sit here eating cheesecake (the dessert we were going to offer) and watching HG TV I realize that I am not depressed about this conclusion.  While it is always a bummer to be jilted, I am also relieved, running the discussion started to feel more like a chore and did not hold the same enthusiasm it did at it’s conception.

It could have been worse, my aunt hosted a meeting for her own club, providing dinner only to have no one show up.  Besides, I can have a bookish discussion with the book blogging community, in other words, you.


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  1. That makes me sad. I'm glad you still have the wonderful book blogging community, but I hate that people never prioritizze things like book club in their lives. My book club meets once a month and we rarely have people miss. There are only 5 of us, so if someone can't make it we usually find another date that works for everyone.

  2. That stinks! I always thought it would be so much fun to have a book club, but not if you put in all the work and no one shows up. 🙁

  3. I agree with Meg-awful! But I just happened upon your blog via A Bookish Space- and am happy I did. Adorable and will look into reading this book…BTY, would have loved a night out for book talking, movie watching and cheesecake 🙂

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