Book Club: Difference In Opinion

July 7, 2011 Whitney books 2 Comments

Our last meeting was The Phantom Tollbooth in which I was unable to attend as I was out of town.  I just got back and checked my email for the first time to discover an email from a fellow member.  She came to the meeting even though she hated the book merely out of curiosity. There were only four other people there and all loved the book.  This particular member began voicing her views mainly on how it was too low of a reading level for an adult book club.  The girl who choose it (and was her favorite childhood book) got on the defensive.  After realizing defeat said emailer kept her lips tight for the rest of the meeting.

I have two points I’d like to make.  First, this is why you don’t pick favorite books, I would not be pleased if someone hated Pride and Prejudice  but that is why I haven’t suggested it — classics aren’t for everyone.  Second, book clubs are meant to expose a difference in opinion, otherwise we’d be starring at each other sipping coffee — what a waste of an evening.  If you’re going to exhibit the “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” policy than why even bother coming?  So any opinions of your own?  If you’ve ever been in a book club and was the only one to like/dislike a selection how did you handle it?


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  1. Well said. I made the mistake of suggesting The History of Love, which I loved, to my book club and everyone hated it. Luckily my book club is pretty awesome and it became a discussion of what worked and didn't work and why I liked it and they didn't. We thrive on great disscussions because of our very different opinions. I won't suggest any more favorites though, it's too easy to feel defensive. I'm a bit worried because we are reading P&P this year. I did NOT suggest it. I adore it, but no one else has read it. I hope they don't all despise it.

  2. Your book club does sound awesome, and love the way your group handled a mixed choice. I hope everyone enjoys P&P at your next meeting.

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