Friday Memes #42

April 7, 2016 Whitney Friday Memes 48 Comments


Hosted by Alison Can Read & Parajunkie

I’m excited to say that I’m this week’s feature!

Q: Describe the plots of four favorite books in seven words


  1. Harry Potter series: You’re a wizard Harry, destroy Voldermort
  2. Pride & Prejudice: The basis of every chick-flick + Mr. Darcy
  3. Gone with the Wind: Epic southern Civil War Saga
  4. Lord of the Rings: Hobbits go on quest and destroy jewelry


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Q: What other interests do you have besides reading and blogging?

I love to watch movies (as long as it doesn’t include Will Ferrell) I also enjoy exercising/walking and scrapbooking.

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Chapter One:

Once, on a train going God knows where, to give still another speech, I awakened in the middle of the night nauseated.  Oh no, I thought, pregnant again.  It didn’t seem fair.  I’d been so careful.

Friday 56

Hosted by Freda’s Voice

Page 56:

For the next month I sat beside dozing patients and taught a thirteen-year-old Paggy about menstruation, a seventeen-year-old Peggy about love, a twenty-four-year-old Peggy about childbirth, a twenty- and thirty- and even forty-year-old Peggy about how to avoid it.

terrible virtue

Terrible Virtue by Ellen Feldman

In the spirit of The Paris Wife and Loving Frank, the provocative and compelling story of one of the most fascinating and influential figures of the twentieth century: Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood—an indomitable woman who, more than any other, and at great personal cost, shaped the sexual landscape we inhabit today.

The daughter of a hard-drinking, smooth-tongued free thinker and a mother worn down by thirteen children, Margaret Sanger vowed her life would be different. Trained as a nurse, she fought for social justice beside labor organizers, anarchists, socialists, and other progressives, eventually channeling her energy to one singular cause: legalizing contraception. It was a battle that would pit her against puritanical, patriarchal lawmakers, send her to prison again and again, force her to flee to England, and ultimately change the lives of women across the country and around the world.

This complex enigmatic revolutionary was at once vain and charismatic, generous and ruthless, sexually impulsive and coolly calculating—a competitive, self-centered woman who championed all women, a conflicted mother who suffered the worst tragedy a parent can experience. From opening the first illegal birth control clinic in America in 1916 through the founding of Planned Parenthood to the arrival of the Pill in the 1960s, Margaret Sanger sacrificed two husbands, three children, and scores of lovers in her fight for sexual equality and freedom.

With cameos by such legendary figures as Emma Goldman, John Reed, Big Bill Haywood, H. G. Wells, and the love of Margaret’s life, Havelock Ellis, this richly imagined portrait of a larger-than-life woman is at once sympathetic to her suffering and unsparing of her faults. Deeply insightful, Terrible Virtue is Margaret Sanger’s story as she herself might have told it.


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48 responses to “Friday Memes #42

  1. AlisonCanRead

    Hopping through. It’s been so long since I’ve read Gone With The Wind. I only read it because my mother had been bugging me to try it. I was surprised at how much I liked it. At the time, it may have been the longest book I’d ever read.

    • I think Gone with the Wind is the longest book I’ve ever read too. My pitch to people has always been “if you can get passed the page numbers it is a fantastic read!”

  2. Amanda Rutherford

    Haha love your description of Harry Potter & Pride and Prejudice. Very accurate.
    I like movies and without Will Ferrall too!! He makes me cringe.

    -Amanda @ Quite Bookish

  3. Decided to start joining in. Didn’t realize you had changed the name of your blog. I like it though. 🙂 This book sounds like my cup of tea. I’ll have to put it on my list.

    • Even though Terrible Virtue is historical fiction it is very informative and certainly something a woman should read if they are interested on the subject

  4. kaori king

    been book blogging for more than 7 years, keep on adding PP and Gone with the wind on my list but still haven’t picked them up lol… old follower, happy friday!

  5. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I have Terrible Virtue on Pippa…and can’t wait to read it! I love Feldman’s books…and the iconic Margaret Sanger is definitely someone we should read about.

    In your interview, I had to chuckle, as I don’t like watching movies with Will Ferrell either!

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

    • Margaret Sanger is definitely someone we should know about and not slip through the cracks. As for Will Ferrell, he just irks me to no end, and am so glad to know I’m not alone.

  6. Sandra Nachlinger

    Terrible Virtue sounds like a compelling story. I’m intrigued and want to know more about this woman’s life.

    My Friday post features LONGSHOT.

  7. Kim Griffin

    OMG, that sounds like such a good book! I HAVE to read it! Great snippets! I love your summary of LOTR! So funny! I tried scrapbooking once, but it just didn’t work out for me. I don’t have the patience to place all the little things in just the right place and trim the pictures just so, etc. I have a lot of admiration for people like you who can do it though. Do you want to go through all my pictures and do some scrapbooking for me? No? Ah well, I had to try, lol. Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great weekend and happy reading!

    • Trust me my scrapbooks are not perfect, nor are the pictures always cropped evenly! But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is other stuff going on in LOTR as well but destroying that piece of bling is at the center of the story and thought the phrasing fit the seven wod minimum. I am not that far into Terrible Virtue yet but so far it is very captivating, and can’t wait to read on.

  8. Congrats on being the feature for this week! The book you’re reading, Terrible Virtue, sounds SUPER good; I think I’m gonna have to order it.

    New follower on BL. Love your blog by the way!

  9. literaryfeline

    I haven’t done any scrapbooking in ages. I enjoy watching movies too. I hope you are enjoying Terrible Virtue. I just finished that one earlier this week. Have a great week!

  10. Katiria Rodriguez

    Congrats on being featured Whitney I absolutely love all your description of your favorite books. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. Old Follower.

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