September 20, 2013 Whitney Event 10 Comments

Bloggiesta is here once again and in perfect timing.  My blog has been a bit neglected as of late and this is event is just what I need — a good kick in the butt!
Here’s what I’d like to accomplish:
  • Write reviews for The Almond Tree and On the Pulse of the Morning by Maya Angelou
  • Add book links to book reviews page
  • catch-up on email
  • back-up blog
  • Participate in two mini-challenges (back up blog and Digital Decluttering)
  • Catch-up on commenting (work in Progress)
  • Work on 30 days of Jane Austen meme
  • Prep reviews
  • Added search bar
  • Updated Netgalley profile

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10 responses to “Bloggiesta

  1. My blog has been so neglected lately too! My husband is going to be gone all day tomorrow and I hope to use that alone time to catch up on blogging stuff without feeling guilty that I'm not doing other stuff that badly needs doing! 😉

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