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September 15, 2014 Whitney Blogging 0 Comments

I’ve been thinking about changing up my blog for a while. I started fiddling with the design and pondered.  I haven’t lost interest in blogging I just needed a little spice.  I started a movie blog which dropped soon after, two blogs to upkeep was one too many for me.  I still watch a ton of movies, as much as I read books actually.  I sporadically began posting them here.  I sat back and reevaluated. Why not continue to post them regularly here?  But my blog/header is She is too fond of books, that implies that it is a book blog.  Hm, I’ve been messing with my design so much lately perhaps this is the push I need.  That was it, my final straw.  I decided to mix up the wording going from She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain to She is too fond of books and movies.  Hopefully it isn’t too drastic a change.  Or is it?  I hope not.  I will admit the header I made is a little plain Jane but that is for another rainy day.  Anyway, this variation voids a little of the constriction I was feeling and get my mojo back 100%.


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