And the Nominees Are…

April 10, 2010 Whitney read-a-thon 13 Comments

‘Till We Read Again is hosting a mini-challenge for Dewey’s Read-a-thon  And The Nominees Are… This asks you to nominate things literary in several respected categories.

To be perfectly honest I could nominate Pride and Prejudice for all of these but I will try to restrain myself

Favorite Female Character in a book:
Elizabeth Bennett
Favorite Male Character in a book:
Mr. Darcy
Favorite Side Kick in a book:
Mammy (Gone with the Wind)
Favorite Couple in a Book:
Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy (you had to see that one coming).
Favorite Book Series:
Harry Potter
Favorite Author:
Margaret Mitchell
Favorite Book Cover:
Don’t have one, too many to choose
Favorite Book of 2009
Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice


13 responses to “And the Nominees Are…

  1. Kim

    Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy? Why am I not surprised. Harry Potter — of course. Just finished my first book — I guess I'm slow, but I'm having fun doing nothing but.

  2. Looks like you are making great headway
    Keep up the reading, don’t let that head sway
    Eyes on the page and coffee in hand
    You’ll be entering a new land.


  3. Beth F.– That's a beautiful Haiku

    Kim– Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, quite the shocker I know.

    Book Mole–P&P and HP are the best

    Serena–Thank you!

  4. Chris and Jess–It's hard for me stray from P&P; it's similar to the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    Kailana–I love Mammy she's a great second character. "you sittin' there waitin' for him, just like a spider." awesomeness!

    Carolsnotebook & Tammy– Thank you!

    ham1299–Love P&P (obviously) an Austen course would be so cool.

  5. Wow! You really love P&P don't you! 🙂 Mammy is my favourite side kick too! I love it when writers are able to flesh out characters like hers 🙂

  6. There's no denying it, I am a Jane Austen P&P addict! I love Mammy, she's such a well developed memorable character. Especially, as she seems to be the only one who can keep Scarlett in line.

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