A Reading Slump

January 24, 2017 Whitney Uncategorized 4 Comments

I have been unmotivated in regards to reading and blogging.  I am in a slump.  It is not that I have lost interest in these hobbies but rather a dispassion towards our current society.  I have stated it before but one’s emotional state can really affect my reading experience and an orange has done it to me. I haven’t been responding to comments, rarely picked up my kindle, and thus failed at the Winter’s Respite Readathon.  Typically, when I am in a slump I pick up Harry Potter, it is my “happy book” and usually gets me out of any funk. I realize it happens to everyone and in time it will pass, but in the interim it is a horrible feeling for a voracious reader.

I ask you fellow book bloggers, what gets you into a slump, is it environmental, personal feelings or commitments or is the book just not doing it for you? Also, how do you get back on the horse, does it pass with time, reread a favorite book, switch genres, I’m up for advice.


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  1. Oh, I so know this feeling, and as you know, I’ve been suffering this funk myself. I’ve made myself keep starting books in hope something will hook me (and some things have!), and have been open to new genres, etc. in case something surprises me and catches my fancy.

    I don’t know if you’ve got a library nearby, but most recently I just went and “window shopped” — grabbed every book with a cover I liked — then plunked ’em on the bed and opened the covers and read the one that had the best first page. It’s helped. Now, will I ever blog about them??? UGH — that one stresses me out — but I’ll deal with that some other day!

  2. Girl, I know how you feel. I just went through a 9-month slump! For me, when I’m having personal problems, like my husband cheating and leaving last year :/, I just can’t focus on ANYTHING, let alone reading. But, I’m starting to realize that reading is what gets me out of my depression or stress or whatever it is that is bugging me. I need to remember that the next time I start feeling down.

    So, I just finally picked up a book that I had been dying to read and started reading. So far, so good!

    I hope you can get out of your slump soon 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear about the slump. 🙁 I get it though, the current state of things does make it hard to be motivated I think. I’m using books as an escape at this point, even though I still check the news and shake my head lol.

  4. I hate it when this happens. Even when I am in a slump, I yearn to read, yet nothing appeals to me. Usually it is a matter of changing genre, or just going about the business of doing some other hobby entirely. I hope this passed quickly for you.

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