48 Hour Book Challenge: Day Two

June 5, 2010 Whitney read-a-thon 8 Comments

Several years ago my aunt went to a party hosted by a couple of gourmet chefs.  Determined to impress them decided to make a dessert– Death by Chocolate.  My aunt began baking the cake the day of the party; while the cake was in the oven she turned the page and to much horror read DAY TWO.

Apparently, the cake was suppose to be refrigerated for 24 hours before adding the icing.  With the party being that evening only a few hours would have to do.  When Death by Chocolate was done with the icing added, it looked more like a Chocolate Lava Cake gone wrong.

Unlike my dear aunt, I knew to turn the page and am starting my own DAY TWO.

Currently Reading: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Pages Read: 100
Hours Slept: 8
Hours Read: 10
Hours Blogging: 3
Caffeine Intake: 2 cups of tea 


8 responses to “48 Hour Book Challenge: Day Two

  1. Jo

    Your story is a good reminder for all of us that it's always wise to turn the page and double-check…..

    Happy blogging! — and I left you an award on my own blog, here 🙂

  2. that happened to me once when i thought exam was only one sided and it really wasn't. yuck.

    i love the idea of making reading a huge priority for a weekend. i hope it is going well!

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