200 Years of Pride and Prejudice Thank You Jane Austen

January 29, 2013 Whitney Uncategorized 4 Comments

Dear Jane,
200 hundred years ago today my favorite book was published, Pride and Prejudice.  I am finding it hard to accurately express my love of this novel.  It is glorious.

It is universally acknowledged that  Pride and Prejudice still stands as a beloved novel 200 hundred years later.  Despite the vast changes in the two century’s your book has stayed current.  Your novel is quick and observant of all your characters giving a vivid picture of not only the characters but also the themes, love, distrust and over coming misguided judgement.

Each time I read Pride and Prejudice, despite knowing the plot, I still loath Mr. Darcy for his haughtiness and fill sympathetic towards Wickham’s sob story.  Your words are that convincing.  I could go on with my adoration (or announce) for each in the book but that would make for a long tedious post.  It is late, but I could not end the day with showing my appreciation to your steller novel.  Thank you Jane Austen


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  1. Lovely tribute to a wonderful book! I agree with everything you said here. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite books, it's the kind of story that never gets old. And yes, it is glorious.

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